Thursday, May 2, 2013

Decorative "wild flower" paintings

I recently picked up some gouache and decided to try my hand at painting some simple paintings. I've never used the medium before and the first few times I tried, my paintings looked like a school art project. Perhaps they still do, I'm still not entirely convinced of their "maturity."

My idea was to paint a series of "wild flowers", just non conventional flower paintings that would look nice on a wall together. I doubt they'll ever make it into a major museum, but then again, this is not my intention. My goal is to make pretty things for people's houses. A source of colorful decorations that don't come from Ikea.

So here you go...

And this is how they look framed above my bed.

I also plan on creating my own prints in the very near future. Anyone interested, please send me a message. Thanks for reading! I'm going to see what my puppy is destroying in the other room.

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